Signs of Marijuana Addiction


There are definite signs to consider when determining whether someone is addicted to Marijuana. The first is whether the individual is developing a tolerance for Marijuana. They may need to smoke more often. They may also need to smoke more at one time to feel the effects they desire.

Individuals who become addicted may experience withdrawal symptoms if they do not use regularly. For example, they may not have an appetite unless they smoke, or they may have an upset stomach until they can smoke again.  They may also be anxious while awaiting the next use or exhibit signs of depression or irritability if they go a prolonged period without Marijuana use.

Another sign is the lack of control the individual has over the amount of Marijuana being used.  The individual may have made a promise to cut back on their Marijuana use, but when push comes to shove, they just can’t cut back. They need that feeling of being “high.”

Spending more and more time getting high is another sign of addiction. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the amount of time focusing around the addiction and getting high is the most common sign of Marijuana addiction. Individuals with an addiction to Marijuana will spend more time getting high and less time with family, friends or doing things that they used to enjoy. Their tolerance continues to build, so they need to use more often, and this takes priority over everything and everyone.

The signs of Marijuana addiction often affect other parts of the addict’s life. The user may have issues with family and friends. They may lose a job for absenteeism or lack of production. Marijuana addiction also leads to financial trouble and legal trouble.

Finally, Marijuana addiction can lead to decreased self-grooming. Individuals may give up on hygiene habits such as showering, brushing their teeth or combing their hair. Addiction can lead to no longer caring about personal responsibilities and even to depression.

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