Myths and Facts About Marijuana/Marijuana Addiction


There is so much information out there about Marijuana. It can be confusing, especially now that several states have legalized it and many more are in the process of doing the same. There are a lot of myths out there about Marijuana. Here are some of the top myths and the actual truth dispelling those myths. Know the truth, before you make a choice to use Marijuana. 

MYTH: You cannot become addicted to Marijuana.

TRUTH: You can become addicted to Marijuana. More frequently you can form a Marijuana use disorder where you are dependent on Marijuana. However, teens are more likely to become addicted than adults.

MYTH: You won’t have withdrawal symptoms quitting Marijuana.

TRUTH: You absolutely have withdrawal symptoms when you quit Marijuana as well as if you go for a period between uses.

MYTH: The use of Marijuana has no negative side effects.

TRUTH: The use of Marijuana can have a negative effect on your mood, your interactions with others, on your school work and your job.

MYTH: There isn’t any treatment for Marijuana addiction.

TRUTH: Several treatment plans can help you. The 12-step program is only one of several options. Medications are being developed to help, and there are many forms of therapy.

MYTH: Everyone likes Marijuana.

TRUTH: For people who took a large dose or the inexperienced, Marijuana can often cause them to experience acute psychosis that includes hallucinations and delusions.

MYTH: No one can even tell when I’ve used Marijuana. It makes me more focused.

TRUTH: Marijuana slows down your thought process and response time.

MYTH: There are no long-term effects of Marijuana use.

TRUTH: The longer you use Marijuana, the more at risk you are for becoming addicted and having more frequent life issues.

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