Know The Truth

Cannabis more commonly referred to as weed, or Marijuana has become a widely used drug. The drug has been used both recreationally and medicinally. Recently, over the past few years, many states in the United States have legalized Marijuana for recreational use.  Currently, several other states are working towards the legalization of Marijuana.

There have been many concerns brought to the table focused on the use and effects of Marijuana. The question of whether it is addictive has continued to be at the forefront of concerns. There has also been a discussion about whether withdrawal occurs when Marijuana is no longer used. Further, treatments including medications have been researched and studied to help in the treatment of dependence on Marijuana.

Whether you are an avid user of the drug or considering trying it for the first time you need to know the truth about the dangers of Marijuana. There are serious consequences that can follow its use. Results that many have not considered. Marijuana use will influence you and could have a serious effect on your life.  This website will give insight into the drug. Marijuana is not without its dangers no matter what people may tell you.