How to Help a Marijuana Addict


Its hard to know how to help someone with an addiction. Many times, we find resistance and the unwillingness to seek treatment. There are also so many treatment options out there that it can be difficult to narrow it down to which option is the best for the individual.

Approaching The Addict

The first action to be taken is to approach the addict. Remember that addiction is a disease and it requires treatment. Show empathy and compassion when addressing the addict and try to speak to them when they are not high. There are a few things to consider when approaching someone about getting help for their addiction:

First, it is important that they know you are on their side. Avoid placing blame on them. Show them that you are worried and concerned about them. Encourage them to find personal reasons to get treatment.

The next step is to be specific. Remind the addict of specific consequences they have experienced due to their addiction. Remind them of the losses and difficulties their family has endured. 

Last, ask them if they are willing to seek treatment. Calmly listen to them. Try to avoid becoming overly emotional. Don’t push them if they are not ready for treatment. Let the subject rest and after some time has passed approach them again about seeking treatment.

If the user is not ready for treatment do your best to set healthy boundaries. Don’t allow them to pull you into enabling their addiction. Allow them to experience the consequences of their use. For example, if they lose their job do not help in paying their bills, such as rent or insurance.


Several treatment options are available for those who are ready to get help. These include:

  • Patient education.
  • Family education.
  • Interventions.
  • Motivation through incentives.
  • Counseling.
  • 12-step programs.

If the addict agrees to treatment finding the right treatment program is very important. There are a plethora of treatment centers to choose from. This is helpful when trying to find a center that will address the user’s personal needs.

Be prepared to ask several questions when you contact a treatment center. Such as, what type of insurance the center accepts? Do they offer detox? What is the facility like?

There is no approved medication to help in the recovery of Marijuana addiction. Pharmaceutical management with the right psychiatric medications may be helpful; especially if Marijuana is being used to self-medicate for underlying mental health issues.

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